Want to be more effective? Change your meeting culture

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings! We are keeping our best people from doing their best work because we keep them penned up inside a conference room in meetings all day.

It has been my experience, personally and in working with organizations, that leaders have an extraordinarily hard time getting their work done as they have meeting after meeting during the work day.

Time after time, I have been told by executives that they have to come in early and work late to get their primary work done as the normal “work day” is often nothing but back-to-back meetings – many of which are simply update meetings that could easily have been handled by a simply formatted email. On top of that, many of these leaders are having to choose between two to three or more competing meetings – even though others can see their calendars.

To top it all off, most of those meetings include far more people than needed.

The meeting culture in so many organizations is one of their prime impediments to productivity and it is caused by the leaders. 

You want your organization to become more effective? Change your meeting culture!