My grandmother and a little perspective

Yesterday, while walking through our kitchen, I noticed one of my favorite black and white photographs of my grandmother sitting at her kitchen table. I don’t know how many times I sat at that table listening to stories of our family, drinking coffee, laughing, and hearing bits of hard-earned wisdom. (She was drinking iced coffee before it was the thing. She brewed her coffee and then dropped in a couple of ice cubes).

One of those bits of wisdom was the value of perseverance during difficult times. She was a baby as her parents experienced World War I, she grew up with very little, lived through the depression, and then lived through one of the greatest upheavals in history – World War II. She and my grandfather, just put their heads down and kept going and did not lose their sense of humor or care for others.

She also lost my grandfather at the early age of 54, but she just kept on going – living life and loving her family.

Thinking about what is going on now, it is prudent to take precautions, but not to panic or lose hope. Yes, it will be hard for a while, but it will get better again. When I think of all that my grandmother went through; trying to find some toilet paper at Walmart doesn’t seem so much like a hardship.