For perspective – look to your heritage

One of the fascinating things about our country is the “melting pot” aspect of our culture. We have been blessed to have such a rich tapestry that is our nation now. We each have different stories, but the story of my family helps me to put this current situation into perspective.

The first of our line of Allen’s landed here when this was just a group of colonies. At age 22, he braved a long voyage over rough seas in a small ship. His grandson would become a lieutenant in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. His son would become a sergeant in the War of 1812. Later descendants would be soldiers in the Civi War. Uncles would fight in WWII and a cousin in Vietnam. My ancestors saw the numerous times of economic hardship including the Great Depression. They endured the numerous outbreaks of disease over the course of our history. They were resilient and they endured.

What they endured, and what we have gone through and overcome as a nation, helps me to put this into perspective. Compared to some events of the past, this is just a blip and we will not only get through this, but will become stronger as a result.