Thoughts about working from home from someone who has done it for years

Chris Pogue

A good fried of mine, Chris Pogue of Nuix, has worked from home for many years and has done so while working for an international company based in Sydney, Australia. Chris is not an individual contributor, but a senior executive with Nuix and he has managed teams from Australia, to England, Ireland, Asia, the US east coast, and the US west coast – all from his home office in the Tulsa, OK area. So, he is someone that knows what he is talking about when it comes to knowing how to work from, and lead from, his home office.

Following are some key points from Chris:

“Here are five more tips that have proven to be useful for me:

1. Shower. Brush your teeth. Get dressed. It may seem novel at first to work in your pajamas with stank breath, but I have found that it creates a mental block from you being fully dialed in to your work.

2. Have a designated start time. Take a lunch break. Have a designated stop time.  Even if you come back to work later in the evening or continue to check emails periodically.

3. Read.  Trade in your commute time for a time of self-improvement.  I am currently reading Partnernomics, The Art, Science, and Process of Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships by Mark Brigman.

4.  Exercise. Take a walk or go for a jog. There are hundreds of free Yoga, TRX, Isometric and Plyometric classes on YouTube.

5. Connect your island to the other islands. It’s easy to get in the groove of working remotely, and end up feeling like you’re on your own little island. It’s important to stay in contact with your peers and leaders.

I hope you find these tips useful. Stay mentally fit. Stay healthy!” – from Chris Pogue