A Stress Test of Systems

“Unprecedented!” That is a term thrown around quite often about the current challenge that we are facing, however, this is not unprecedented in the least. The history of mankind is replete with events of this magnitude, and greater, that have altered the way we live. Just the history of the US alone is full of life-altering events – so no, this is not an unprecedented event. What is important however, is what we learn from this (in all facets of life) and how we use what we have learned to become better as people, as organizations, and as a society.

One thing that has happened is a major stress test of systems (I am talking about the organizational level), of processes, and of leaders. Now is the time to capture opportunities to improve and to even change how we do things.

What do you need to change about how you operate? Supply-chain management is one thing that has appeared as a major concern for many. How have you as a leader responded to this situation? How have the leaders of your organization responded? What have you learned? How does your leader development process need to be changed?

While this is a very serious situation requiring organizational leaders to respond and to put in some incredible hours, please do not miss what this situation has to teach you about yourself, your other leaders, and what needs to be either improved or changed about how you operate as an organization.

The reason? Because this is not an unprecedented event. Some other major event will come along (as history has proven) and one requirement for good leaders is to anticipate the unanticipated.