“a unique company whose purpose is to show businesses how they can improve lives and love others. “

Far too often, we take our blessings for granted. A couple of days ago, I was reminded of how blessed I am with some of the people / companies that I have the privilege of serving. Talos Engineered Products is one of those companies. Read the following two quotes from an April 5, 2020 press release about Talos.

“Lewisburg, TN, April 05, 2020 –(PR.com)– Talos Engineered Products announced today they have increased COVID-19 countermeasures and giving an additional $200 a week to their manufacturing team out of appreciation during these difficult times. Talos Engineered Products is a unique company [whose] purpose is to show businesses how they can improve lives and love others. “


“At Talos, the employee and their family are considered to be Talos’ most important asset. Supporting this belief is the above mentioned Talos announcement that they are giving $200 per week to each employee who is working in the facility during these difficult times. Talos is excited to help their team, and their team member’s family during the COVID-19 challenges.”


The president of Talos is a friend of mine and his care for the employees of Talos as well as their community is inspiring to me. Following is a quote from Wayne that he messaged me after I sent him a note on the press release above. This quote gives you a sense of the man and the company.

“Hopefully other companies will follow suit.”

Wayne Clemons

As these quotes demonstrate – this is not a time for fear, but a time for courageous and compassionate leadership.