a rare opportunity

For many of us, it is a bit difficult to wrap our minds around the notion that our current situation does provide opportunities. Of course, we are seeing many people say this (just like I am doing here!), but it is so difficult. While we may know this intellectually, our emotions so often overcome our logic. However, as Bill Yeargin states below, this is an opportunity to “reset”.

Bill Yeargin

“This is a rare opportunity to restructure your businesses in a way that your team will benefit from for the next decade. Specifically, think about what you could do to change your business for the better and do that during this time. You need to be sure that when you re-open your business it has processes and a cost structure that produces better results than before your shutdown. This is particularly important if you reopen at a production rate less than the rate you closed.”

Bill Yeargin – https://bit.ly/2wzp775

The reason, I posted this with a link to Bill Yeargin’s post, is that I have the privilege of knowing Bill and I have seen him enter into a daunting situation and one in which many of us would have not seen opportunities. However, I saw what Bill did in rebuilding Correct Craft and because he has actually done what he talks about, I thought it might be of benefit to others.