Marcus Buckingham’s StandOut Strengths Assessment

Marcus Buckingham is offering his StandOut Assessment free right now and will be doing an Instagram session on the assessment at 12:00 pm PDT this Friday (April 24, 2020). I have enjoyed his assessments before and I really enjoyed this one that I took this morning. It might be interesting and useful for you.

A caveat – I do not think there is any way that an assessment can fully capture the richness and complexity of a human being. However, they do give you a snapshot that is useful in better understanding ourselves. Over the years, I have taken many, many different assessments and through looking at all of themselves, I have come to understand myself a bit better.

We also offer the WorkStyles Assessment that is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s work style and how they best interact with others. I have used this for years and have found it you be one of the most useful personality assessments for the workplace. If this interests you, just simply go to our “Connect” page and send us a message.

Again, while these assessments do not, and must not, define you as a person, they do provide some valuable insights that help you to grow as a person.