Welcome Dorn to the Team!

We kindly introduce you to Dorn, the most recent addition to our team.

Dorn the Coffee Troll

Dorn is a Coffee Troll and was referred to us by Sam Clark of Sam Clark Art, who thought we could use a bit of Dorn’s “wisdom”. (by the way, Sam Clark Art is a great source if you need a Coffee Troll on your staff!)

Dorn enjoys employing his “British” accent, learned from watching the Downton Abbey and Father Brown series on PBS, as often as he is able while doling out advice and curmudgeoning on about why people do what they do.

Dorn, though a Coffee Troll, actually prefers a smooth Earl Grey with a spoonful of honey, much to the chagrin of his fellow Coffee Trolls, most especially Clancy. He is starting to develop a bit of a taste for a good dark roast coffee in the morning after hanging around our crew, although would probably never let on how much he actually likes it – especially in front of the other trolls.

 Dorn’s ancestors are from the Lincolnshire county area of eastern England. It is a thrilling tale of his ancestors stowing away on a ship to the American colonies in the early 1700’s and sailing through some dangerous Atlantic storms while they were hiding in the hold of the ship. If you catch him on a day where he’s not grumbling and rumbling, he might even tell you the tale.

In Dorn’s Square on our website, he will be sharing some of his thoughts and observations about the goings on of these strange creatures called people and how they go about life and business.

So please help us welcome Dorn and we hope you enjoy the upcoming “Dorn’s Square”. If you have any questions that you would like Dorn to address, please let us know.