A Dealer in Hope or a Merchant of Fear?

True leaders are dealers in hope and courage in the face of adversity. Pseudo-leaders are merchants of fear in order to manipulate and control. Human history is replete with examples of both.

Our current situation is exposing both – there are beautiful examples of people at all levels leading well during this time – acknowledging the challenges, but meeting them head-on with hope and courage and with great compassion for those they lead.

Then, we are also seeing the pseudo-leaders, petty tyrants in my opinion, at all levels utilizing fear to give them arbitrary control over peoples lives. Unfortunately, they have been that way for a long time in organizations big and small and in governmental institutions at all levels who have been using fear to control others, it has just been “under the radar” – until now.

My hope, is that more true leaders will emerge. People who have compassion for those that they lead. People who face the “brutal facts”, but with optimism, hope, and courage and they inspire those they lead with that same hope and courage.

We need these type of leaders at all levels of our society.