What was your first day at work like?

What do you think was the first impression of your company by your new employees on their first day of work? Was it “wow!” or “oh no!”?

Chip and Dan Heath in their book The Power of Moments talk about what the company John Deere did to make their employees’ first day at work a truly memorable occasion.

It seems simple really. It seems to be a mantra that “first impressions matter”, yet too many organizations seem to forget that bit of advice when it comes to new employees. First impressions do matter and, in this case, probably have an impact on employee retention.

I recommend reading the Heath Brothers’ excellent book for a better understanding of the power of memorable moments, but right now just think about what kind of moment are you creating for your new employees. Watch this short YouTube (four minutes) by Dan Heath as he talks about an employee’s first day on the job and how the company John Deere has worked to make it a memorable day for their people.