Last Friday in May Round-Up

Here we are, at the last Friday of May. Next month Summer begins, here in MS we’ve had the longest Spring in years.

Here are some links to articles and stories that I have enjoyed and have been pondering lately. All links are in the “titles.”

 Just a few pictures are also below from this past Memorial Day.  I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

Perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor discovered in Italy

In the town of Negrar Italy, north of Verona archaeologists uncovered the ruins of an ancient Roman villa over 100 years ago and just recently they discovered the floor of the villa. The floor had been buried under a vineyard and is in remarkable shape, the patterns are absolutely beautiful. Have a look at the pictures the town posted on FB.

South Korea’s SMTown Coex Artium LED Facade contains a giant crashing wave

This may be one of the coolest art installations that I have seen in a long time. SMTown’s COEX Artium has the largest outdoor LED screens in South Korea and they are projecting a wave with matching audio. The art was created by d’strict and it is fantastic. I watched it on screen for several minutes, I can only imagine seeing it in person.

Check out the highlight reel for d’strict from 2019 to see some more of their excellent work.

“The Infinity Wall” communicates with audiences by telling the story of Nexen Tire’s core value and management philosophy through “Story mode”, share feelings, create a highly emotionally charged atmosphere beyond the construction and interior through “Mood mode”. Weather, time, news are delivered creatively and intuitively in real-time through “Message mode”.

How a bench and a team of grandmothers can tackle depression

I recently re-found this article and I find the concept to be very clever. Zimbabwe, as of the printing of this article, has only 12 psychiatrist practicing in a country of over 16 million. The local word for depression is kufungisisa, literally “thinking too much” in Shona. “Since, 2006 Chibanda and his team have trained over 400 of the grandmothers in evidence-based talk therapy, which they deliver for free in more than 70 communities in Zimbabwe. In 2017 alone, the Friendship Bench, as the program is called, helped over 30,000 people there.”

Also, check out Dixon Chibanda’s TED Talk that he gave several years ago.

If you want to take on big problems, try thinking like a bee

“According to Gee, “a bee in her lifetime makes only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey” — a tiny fraction of the hundred pounds of honey that a typical colony needs to survive. “The most remarkable thing isn’t that she does the work; it’s that she doesn’t even do it for herself,” she adds. A bee won’t directly benefit from the honey she makes; instead, it will allow future generations to thrive after she is gone.”

Here is this gem right here that I have been mulling over –This too is how we can change the world — by not worrying about the size of our contributions and by letting our efforts join the actions of others.

Mary Halton