Moving Forward vs. “Going Back”

Going back – there are articles ad nauseam about “returning to work” or “how to return to work”. I do not mean to demean them at all and they are well-intended by people offering some great advice. I just prefer to think of it in a different manner.

I prefer to think of it as moving forward to a more effective way of working. This has been a hard time, but some of the best lessons are learned from hard times. It seems that from what each of us has learned, what is the most effective approach to work based upon your context? It will be different for different organizations and then different for different people in those organizations.

The thing is, will we do what is most effective and best for the people in the organization or will we default to our old habits and preconceived notions (often incorrect) about work and people?

We do have an opportunity to start leading and working in a way that is effective for the organization and is good for the people of the organization.

Here is a good post by Patrick Lencioni on this topic –