Friday photos and bread?

I tend to follow rabbit trails online and one that I took a few months ago comes to mind often. I have been watching all of 8 seasons of Call the Midwife that are on Netflix. In the process of searching something about the show online I found the Global Sisters Report’s website, a project of National Catholic Reporter.

A recent article by one of the sisters, Marilyn Lacey tells several stories of South Sudan and Thailand that exemplify the concept of emptying ones self through the act of the Eucharist. She quotes a Sufi prayer by Jelaladdin Rumi that is what I keep returning to. Ponder this:

Be the one who, when you walk in,
Blessing shifts to the one who needs it most.
Even if you’ve not been fed,
Be bread.

She goes on to say, “Be the one: it’s a choice. Live for others, not yourself. Allow the gifts you carry, whether abundant or scarce or seemingly absent, to flow from you to others who are in greater need. Even in times of personal emptiness, when you might not feel fulfilled or acknowledged or competent or fed, let goodness flow through you to nourish others.”

This is how I desire to live, even in times of personal emptiness….even if I’ve not been fed, I desire to be the bread to those I come in contact with.

Here are some pictures from the last week, my gladiolus are blooming!