Independence Day, 244 years

I do hope that you won’t mind indulging me once more in my speaking of the Magna Carta. It calls to mind, to me, in some small way of some of the struggles facing our nation today. The Magna Carta was put forth by 25 nobles. 25 wealthy men created a charter that would not long after its creation be declared null and void by the king who had signed it. This great charter that symbolizes the freedom and equality of all people as we see it today in America and Britain and the UN had little to no concern for the millions of people that weren’t those nobles when it was recorded.
But – thanks to wise people throughout history it has come to epitomize the rights of all people.

Which to me, is a beautiful picture of how history teaches us and how we learn and grow and make the world better for future generations.
I love America, it is my favorite place on earth. And it is my favorite place on earth because of the American people. The loud, gregarious people that have opinions about their opinions, the conglomeration of food from all over the world, being able to hear numerous languages all in one day, how we care for our communities, how we stand for what we believe to be right, how we love our sports, how everything seems too big, how we forget how young we are as a nation, and how we expect so much of ourselves.
I love the beauty of so many different people….I love the mess of the people, those dark places in our history that are scary and disappointing for us to face but we face them together so that we can grow as a nation.

I have hope for America….because I have hope in the American people. May we see the beauty in our differences and understand that no puzzle piece is alike but all have equal value. And may we always lend a helping hand, be quick to listen and slow to speak, slower to rush to anger, and kind because we understand that everyone has their own battle they are facing.
I am grateful for the founding fathers and the foresight that they did have and how they set up this nation to continually grow and change into what the American people need.

Do remember, that if you’re an American – this is your country. It isn’t some president’s or some majority’s or some lost cause….it is your country. And we always have the power to exact growth and change.

Happy Independence Day.
May it remind you of the truth that indeed “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”
And may we ever strive to recognize and affirm that in the United States of America.