Have you outsourced your thinking?

Independent thinkers. Something we should aspire to becoming. However, too many of us think that we think independently, but if you pay attention to, and examine, what you are saying and thinking you may find that is not the case. Often we are outsourcing our thinking to social media algorithms, news soundbites, and “experts” or “gurus” on video or podcasts. Ask yourself how often are you “thinking” in soundbites?

There is a deep need in our society for people to return to being independent thinkers. This is especially needed for those that are leaders in our organizations. One challenge of course is that we enjoy the support and affirmation of others and being an independent thinker can cause your community some unease as you may be going against the party line.

However, I am of the opinion, that it is of utmost importance that we return to being independent thinkers – actually thinking for ourselves.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Understand the importance of looking at issues from multiple perspectives and analyzing those perspectives.
  • Understand the motivations of the authors of whatever you are reading, listening to, or watching as everyone is shaped by their particular worldview.
  • Understand your own biases (and emotions) that are filters for the information coming into your mind.
  • Understand that the social media algorithms and media are not providing us “objective” information, but are always in the mode of influencing our thinking and behavior for their benefit.

We need to regain our intellectual freedom and not outsource our thinking to “experts”, sound bites, and social media algorithms.

Think for yourself – but a bit of a warning, it is hard work.