A little bit of kindness & a little bit of rock and roll

Merriam-Webster has as one of its descriptions of the word kind saying “of a kind to give pleasure or relief.” I resonate with that description, should we not give pleasure (delight or joy) as well as relief (removal or lightening of something oppressive) to people?  The imagery of this Amelia Earhart quote perfectly captures the power of kindness. “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” (emphasis my own)

Ted-Ed has these great, short (5 minute) videos about how things work and why, etc. There are a lot of really fascinating ones. This one that I have linked is about how a wound heals itself. I am currently dealing with a wound healing and being able to visibly watch my body heal itself is phenomenal. Our skin as the largest organ in our bodies has the ability to once we are wounded to begin healing itself through a complex, well-coordinated process. FYI, the animated video is not graphic at all. They also link a lesson plan that goes along with the video that is a great tool for all ages. There’s also this video, A Day in the Life of a Celtic Druid.

If I had to choose a favorite band, it would be an even tie between Def Leppard/Metallica, and AC/DC. AC/DC’s classic rock sound is timeless and entertaining, and watching Angus shuffle across the stage in his schoolboy uniform as he kills the guitar is just perfect. 2Cellos cover of Thunderstruck is so, so good. It’s definitely (in my opinion) worth your time. Also, here are three more covers that are so good and highly entertaining: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Wake Me Up, and Welcome to the Jungle.