Welcome Lauren Allen to the practice!

It is a great day today as we welcome Lauren Allen to the practice. Lauren will be serving as the Operations Manager. She has years of experience in the area of Human Resources and customer service. She is also an excellent researcher which will enable us to better serve our clients. So glad to have … Continue reading Welcome Lauren Allen to the practice!

A Critical Investment Strategy

Investing well is important as we consider and plan for the future. Most often when we think of investing, we are thinking of our financial investments. We are planning for our children’s college plans, their marriages, hedging against unexpected expenses, and for financial security for our latter years. However, our investment plans often do not … Continue reading A Critical Investment Strategy

6 questions leaders must answer

Much is written about how to use questions to lead; about how leaders need to be asking the right questions of those they lead. However, one key aspect of leadership, is answering questions for the people that you are leading. In one of my favorite organizational health books, The Advantage, my favorite organizational health / business author, … Continue reading 6 questions leaders must answer

“When was the last time you were excited about your life?”

When was the last time you were excited about your life? Are you physically healthy? Are your relationships healthy? The pace of life can overwhelm us sometimes - especially when we don't plan. Watch this video as Greg Salciccioli talks about the power of a personal plan.