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A New Adventure!

March 23, 2017 — 3 Comments

Friends, as some of you know, I have enjoyed helping others through coaching (as a certified leadership coach) and teaching over the years. Additionally, I have enjoyed and had the pleasure of helping various organizations from nonprofits, to businesses, to churches become more effective in accomplishing their mission. I have done this sometimes as part of my “day job” as I did at Ambassador Enterprises and sometimes I have done this on the  side from my day job.

Now, I am doing what friends have suggested that I do – I am launching off into my own practice full-time to come alongside and help individuals and organizations more effectively accomplish their mission. Currently, I am doing this part-time, but in April, I will be full-time into my practice.

I have been blessed to become an Executive Coach with Coachwell, Inc. It is an incredible organization that is already giving me outstanding support. Additionally, the use of their coaching platform, CoachwellPro, will greatly enhance the coaching experience for those that I help.

Do let me know if I can be of service to you or your organization!

BG Allen

Great article from – 3 Timeless Traits Leaders Must Have“. One of those is Coaching Skills. The author, Marcel Schwantes, states:

You want your organization to become high-performing? I have the answer. An overlooked piece of the puzzle is coaching. The bad news, according to one study, is that less than half of organizations surveyed had implemented coaching as a part of their performance management process. For the few that did, you guessed it–high-performing organizations.

A good article from Marcel Schwantes and worth your time to read.

Coaching is so critical in all aspects of our lives – personal and professional. As Coachwell, Inc. states on their website:

Your life is important—every part of it. When you’re doing well, every part of your life goes well, and when you’re not doing well, everything suffers. Coachwell equips you to excel by paying attention to what matters most—your character, your health, your goals, your priorities and the team you’re building around you.

We all need the help and support of others.


We ALL need to understand cybersecurity, even if the area of technology is not our thing.

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Team of Teams book“Management models based on planning and predicting instead of resilient adaptation to changing circumstances are no longer suited to today’s challenges.” – Walter Isaacson in the forward to Team of Teams by General Stanley  McChrystal.

Walter Isaacson – resilient adaptation

Dave Kraft is a wise man and was my former leadership coach. In an excellent post he talks about the application of ACTS in a particular situation and this post is a worthwhile read in my opinion.

So, let’s look at ACTS in a general sense and how a leader might apply it to their life.

A – ACCOUNTABLE: Are you truly accountable to someone(s) in your life? Truly accountable? Is someone willing to ask you the hard questions and pursue you until you deal with those questions? Are they willing to challenge questionable behaviors in your life?

C – CONFESSIONAL: Do you confess and own your sin or do you try to shift the blame? Mature leaders accept rebuke, confess their sin, and own their sin.

T – TEACHABLE: Are you teachable as a leader? Are you willing to receive honest inquiries from those you lead? And others? Do you realize that there are many people smarter than you and some of them are on the team you lead?

S – SUSTAINABLE: Is the pace you are setting for your team sustainable? Are your expectations realistic? Are you providing the resources to your team that they need to meet your expectations? What about your team’s work-life balance?

Here is how Dave applies ACTS:

1. Good and genuine accountability, coupled with vulnerability and transparency.
2. A clear value in keeping short accounts, with sin being quickly confessed and owned.
3. An attitude of being teachable and open to new ideas and ways of thinking.
4. A culture of pacing that is realistic and sustainable, resulting in good morale and joy.

Now, how can you apply ACTS in your life?