ACTS – an acrostic for leaders

Dave Kraft is a wise man and was my former leadership coach. In an excellent post he talks about the application of ACTS in a particular situation and this post is a worthwhile read in my opinion. So, let's look at ACTS in a general sense and how a leader might apply it to their … Continue reading ACTS – an acrostic for leaders

cooperation vs. collaboration

"Collaboration: being fully assertive and fully cooperative - at the same time" - Ambassador Enterprises, LLC One thing I learned at AE was the value of collaboration and that it was often fiery and unpleasant; full of conflict with strong and intelligent people going at it over an idea. But the beautiful thing was that … Continue reading cooperation vs. collaboration

a time of transition

Good Monday morning! You can feel fall in the air here in the Midwest. Transitions - they are filled with excitement and anxiety. Looking forward to the new and sad about what you are leaving. Transitions provoke a wide range of emotions. I know - we are in the midst of one right now. This … Continue reading a time of transition

problems with your culture?

Good morning! Organizational mission and culture are important. Having your team onboard and bought into the mission and culture is a key component to your organization's success. However, while we (as leaders) think everyone is on board, we keep running into issues that confound us and go against the grain of who we are as … Continue reading problems with your culture?

stop being nice and start being kind

Good morning! Does that sound a bit odd saying to not be nice? Actually, I am not sure yet if it is the best word yet for what I am trying to communicate. In the nonprofit world especially, but often in business settings, I have found that people avoid saying what others need to hear … Continue reading stop being nice and start being kind

do we have a wrong definition of productivity?

Good Friday morning to you! A rainy and cool day here in the Midwest. An issue that is important to me and that has been rekindled in me by Greg McKeown's book Essentialism is how we equate busyness and the accomplishment of our to-do list as productivity. As I have noted before, our US culture rewards … Continue reading do we have a wrong definition of productivity?

what are your guiding principles?

Guiding principles are wonderful things - if you have them. Too many of us as individuals and organizations have not fully articulated our guiding principles. In his book Turn This Ship Around!, author L. David Marquet lists the guiding principles he and his team developed while he was commander of the attack submarine the Santa Fe. … Continue reading what are your guiding principles?