leadership development works!

Do you have a leader development plan in place in your organization? If not, you need to and soon. First of all - it works. See the graph below from the Chief Learning Officer magazine. It is in an article by William C. Byham One of the biggest findings of the study was, contrary to the … Continue reading leadership development works!

Are You Prepared?

What are you doing to prepare the next generation of leaders for your organization?  If you are a next generation leader, what are you doing to prepare yourself? Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to my home state to speak to the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy (MCCLA) on the subject of strategic … Continue reading Are You Prepared?

Three Questions to Improve Your Performance

We all want to improve and one of the best ways to improve is through good feedback from those we work with on a regular basis especially those that support us.  At times we may ask open ended questions such as “How am I doing?” which really don’t help very much. Thomas DeLong writes in … Continue reading Three Questions to Improve Your Performance

Being Excellent at Anything

Well, actually the title is a little overstated.  I took piano lessons for ten years and was fairly diligent in my practice, yet was mediocre on the piano at best (and that is a generous statement!).  I think it has something to do with no sense of rhythm. “Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything” … Continue reading Being Excellent at Anything

Are Your Leaders Teaching the Next Generation of Leaders?

Good article in Harvard Business Review online on the importance of leaders developing leaders: In the best [organizations] senior leaders play the critical role in teaching the next generation. It's become an acid test for me of [organizational] greatness: if your senior leadership isn't investing a significant amount of their own time in educating high-potentials, … Continue reading Are Your Leaders Teaching the Next Generation of Leaders?