is your presentation software a dangerous distraction?

brick wall stock_photos-JayMatri-jaymantri-18Many of us often make presentations to educate or persuade others. Too often the idea or ideas we are trying to communicate are overshadowed by our incorrect use of the presentation software. When the software takes center stage instead of you or your idea, you have failed at your objective.

One of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt, has some suggestions in his blog “5 RULES FOR MORE EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS”. His five rules are:

1. Don’t give your presentation software center stage.

2. Create a logical flow to your presentation.

3. Make your presentation readable.

4. Remember, less is more.

5. Distribute a handout.

Michael expands each point with some good suggestions and references to other presentation helps. If you use presentations in what you do, I would recommend reading his entire post by clicking here.




From Michael Hyatt’s post:

Presentation software can be a wonderful tool if used correctly. It can also be a dangerous distraction that interferes with communication rather than facilitating it. The line between the two is thin. . .. Here are my five rules for making more effective presentations.

Click here to read his post!

Another great presentation resource is Nancy Duarte’s book Resonate!


presentation checklist


“Active Listening” – Seth Godin

“Beware of Perception Gaps”

3 simple keys to effective communication

3 simple keys to effective communication (1)

what do you seek – agreement or disagreement?

Crepe myrtleGood Monday morning to you! Our family has been down South for a wedding and to visit family which is one reason for no posts over this last week. It was a great time and a good deal warmer than up here in the Midwest!!

Communication is tricky and difficult at best. I know you are well aware of how difficult it is to truly communicate with others. The more I think about the issue, the more amazed I am that we succeed at all!

There is one aspect of communication that we often don’t think about and that is in seeking agreement vs. disagreement. So often as we discuss issues, especially complex ones, we begin with how we disagree with the one to whom we are speaking. Try something different the next time you are in one of these conversations – try to find the places where you agree and use those points of agreement as a platform for better understanding of one another. As someone has said – “seek to understand before seeking to be understood”. (Covey I think)

Today, seek to find agreement vs. disagreement and see how it changes the tenor of a difficult discussion.


Have you thought about using “slidedocs”?

This is an excellent idea. Check out the Duarte presentation on Slidedocs.

Duarte Slidedocs
Duarte Slidedocs – a great way to communicate

“5 Secrets of Public Speaking From the Best TED Presenters”

Good evening. I came across this article on the site addressing five things effective speakers do in their Ted Talks.

The five things are:

1. One Big Idea, “If you had to say there was one magical element to the best TED talks, it’s that those speakers picked one really, really big idea . . .”

2. It’s Not About You, “The biggest thing that people have to unlearn, Donovan says, is the notion that speaking is about your performance. It’s not. It’s about the audience.”

3. Nail Your Opener, “. . . jump straight into a story.”

4.The Catchphrase Is King, “The best talks have a repeated catchphrase . . .”

5. Channel Your Inner Screenwriter,“We’re hardwired from our earliest childhood on how to tell stories,” says Donovan, who insists that we’re all natural storytellers. Still, you can buff up your inherent storytelling skills by keeping classical, three-act story structure in mind.

It’s a good article and well worth reading in its entirety (click here) if you do presentations and want to become better.


wrong Facebook page!

beautiful shiesGood afternoon – have you ever made one of those silly and simple mistakes that leave you feeling a bit dumb?

I did today. I have a Facebook page for my coaching and consulting practice. So, I decided to invite a number of people to “like” the page. There was one problem however, I have two company pages out there – one that is active and one that I don’t use.

Of course, the one I invited people to like is the old one and not the correct page. So, if I sent you a request I do apologize.

If you are interested in following me on Facebook, click here to go to the right page.

Have a great weekend and watch out for those “simple” mistakes!