A Critical Investment Strategy

Investing well is important as we consider and plan for the future. Most often when we think of investing, we are thinking of our financial investments. We are planning for our children’s college plans, their marriages, hedging against unexpected expenses, and for financial security for our latter years. However, our investment plans often do not … Continue reading A Critical Investment Strategy

how are you measuring your success?

How do you know you if you are successful? How do you measure success in life? One place to start is with your definition. What is your definition of success? Where did that definition originate? A magazine, a book, friends, our society or . . . .? Did you write your definition of success or … Continue reading how are you measuring your success?

be present

Good Friday morning to you! One of the challenges that I have is that I am often thinking about the future or evaluating the past. Too seldom am I present in the moment. As a result, I have missed too many important moments, I have too often not fully engaged in good conversations with people … Continue reading be present

5 regrets of the dying that could make you a better leader

Good morning! Awesome morning here in NE Indiana! Recently I came across a post online talking about Bonnie Ware's book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing. I can't speak to the quality of the book as I have not yet read it, but the blog post on the … Continue reading 5 regrets of the dying that could make you a better leader

Three Lists to Freedom

Good morning to you on a soggy Friday morning! This is from the post Stop Trying to Be a Superhero and Find Virtual Freedom (in 3 Steps) by Chris Drucker on Michael Hyatt's blog. It is an excellent article about how to become more effective while not working insane hours and by working smarter and virtually. It's … Continue reading Three Lists to Freedom

what is important?

What a week it has been. We traveled South to attend my nephew's wedding, then to visit my parents, and now to attend Life Action Ministries board of directors' meeting today and tomorrow. I am sitting here enjoying balmy weather while NE Indiana is struggling through some more winter weather - that I don't mind! … Continue reading what is important?

do what makes sense

Good morning, we are finally thawing out a bit here in NE Indiana. Last week was a tad rough here as it was for most of the country. For most of us our vocation is important to us. For those who lead, the mission is important - especially when the mission is serving a higher … Continue reading do what makes sense

Are You Saying “Yes” When You Should Say “NO”?

It has been hot here in Michigan! Up to 100 yesterday - makes me feel like I am back in the South. Have you ever said yes to something when you should have said no? I know I have and it was almost always because of my "Fear of Man". In other words I made … Continue reading Are You Saying “Yes” When You Should Say “NO”?

A Wonderful Present

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, . . ." Isaiah 9:6-7 … Continue reading A Wonderful Present