A drive along the Trace

Happy May 1st! This past Sunday the weather was glorious, so of course a drive was in order. As a good Sunday drive in the South, we ventured along the Natchez Trace. If you’ve never traveled any of the Natchez Trace, it would definitely be worth your time. Here is what The Scenic Trace has… Read More

Friday photo therapy

There is so much noise and so much information swirling about right now. And I don’t have any hard and fast answers. And I don’t have any suggestions any different than what a “million” other people are saying. So, in order to not add needlessly to the noise, I would like to offer another few… Read More

Three Lists to Freedom

Good morning to you on a soggy Friday morning! This is from the post Stop Trying to Be a Superhero and Find Virtual Freedom (in 3 Steps) by Chris Drucker on Michael Hyatt’s blog. It is an excellent article about how to become more effective while not working insane hours and by working smarter and virtually. It’s… Read More