4 reasons this is the best reading app

Good article by Michael Hyatt on why reading on paper, especially long-form reading, is much superior to reading on electronic devices. I agree with him. Click here to read Michael's article. Memory Comprehension Distraction Immersive Engagement It's a good article! BG

leading when you’re not the expert

Have you ever been in a situation where you were leading an area in which you had little or no expertise? Where many of your team knew much more about the area/industry than you? How did you handle yourself? What did you do? For me, except for the first two years of my military life, … Continue reading leading when you’re not the expert

quotes from a young man that is changing the world

Good morning, Sunday, I finished an excellent book by Adam Braun entitled The Promise of a Pencil. Other than a few places where he uses some less than best language, the book is excellent. He has several quotes through the book I want to highlight for you. They are not new - many are rooted … Continue reading quotes from a young man that is changing the world

three ways you might be demotivating your staff

"The point is not to become a leader. The point is to become yourself, to use yourself completely -all your skills, gifts, and energies- in order to make your vision manifest. Enjoy the process of becoming." - Warren Bennis (from Susan Cain) Motivation is something that we read about a great deal. Most of what I … Continue reading three ways you might be demotivating your staff

mission true or mission drift?

Good morning! Still hoping it will one day actually be Spring here in the Midwest, but we have snow in the forecast for Tuesday!! Last week, I did a brief post on the book Mission Drift and was asked by a friend of mine if there is mission drift, how do you get back on track? … Continue reading mission true or mission drift?

do you see mission drift?

Mission Drift - it is a common issue among faith-based organizations - just think of Harvard and the YMCA. In their book, Mission Drift, Peter Greer and Chris Horst make the following statement: "Without careful attention, faith-based organizations drift from their founding mission. . . Slowly, silently, and with little fanfare organizations routinely drift from … Continue reading do you see mission drift?

what’s the 1 thing?

Good Monday morning! I have been in Mississippi last week speaking at the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy. Each year a group of next generation leaders for the state community colleges are run through a full year of the MCCLA to prepare them for future senior leadership roles in the community colleges. A pretty good … Continue reading what’s the 1 thing?

the better way

Good Monday morning to you! Hope you had a refreshing weekend. Ours was beautiful, but a tad messy as we received about four inches of snow. What are the responsibilities of a leader? In my opinion, a key responsibility is seeking the better way. In my experience it has been called continuous improvement, innovation, and … Continue reading the better way

to be a leader

". . . to be a leader is not to hold down a job; it is to develop a character inside one's self that is inextricably linked to giving purpose, motivation, and direction to others." - Brigadier General (ret) Thomas A. Kolditz in Leadership Lessons from West Point

hope, attitude, and obedient action

Do you lead with hope and a positive attitude? An authentic positive attitude? Read what Crawford Loritts has to say about this: "As a leader God calls you to model obedient action instead of reflecting the unbelief and negative attitudes and behaviors of the people whom you lead. Apart from the power of the Holy … Continue reading hope, attitude, and obedient action