humility in the workplace – a self-awareness issue

What does “humility in the workplace” mean? Why is it important? For many, the word humility has many connotations. Some are very positive and some not so positive. It seems some people equate humility to weakness and being a “doormat”. I beg to differ from that view of humility. In true humility, there is great… Read More

art from a barista

Relational Wisdom is important and Ken Sande has a great website called surprisingly – Relational Wisdom. If you desire to improve your emotional intelligence and to become more effective in working with others, you need to check out this site. I particularly liked his blog post “Serving a Barista“. In that post he talks bout… Read More

The Consequences of a Silent Lie

It is Friday! Hope you have a great weekend! Does the following sound familiar? You are sitting in a leadership meeting and the team, led by a strong and persuasive leader, are headed down the path to a decision. It seems everybody is on board with the direction, but you keep having these doubts or “checks” about… Read More