Photo by Keely Allen

Meetings – Some Tips for You

After a bit of a hiatus due to a challenging 2019, we are restarting The Chattahoochee Driftwood Podcast. We hope you enjoy! We will be concentrating on providing you tools to make you even more effective as a leader. – BG

We Are Back!

Podcast Episode 7 – a discussion of Greg Salciccioli’s excellent book The Enemies of Excellence – 7 reasons we sabotage success

“The Enemies of Excellence” – an excellent book

Podcast Episode 6 – “Emotional Intelligence, an Interview with Executive Coach Scott McBride”

Interview with Scott McBride

Podcast Episode 5 – “Taking Care of People and Getting Stuff Done”

Podcast Episode 4 – “Team Conflict – A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?”

Podcast Episode 3 – “Be – Know – Do”, A Model of Leadership

Podcast Episode 2 – Your Viewpoint and Championing People Well

Welcome to our first episode of Chattahoochee Driftwood!

Episode One – A Welcome to You

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