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In his article on Inc.com – “3 Timeless Traits Leaders Must Have“, Marcel Schwantes, states:

“You want your organization to become high-performing? I have the answer. An overlooked piece of the puzzle is coaching. The bad news, according to one study, is that less than half of organizations surveyed had implemented coaching as a part of their performance management process. For the few that did, you guessed it–high-performing organizations.”

As a member of the Coachwell, Inc. Team,

Our mission is to help you, your team and everyone in your organization live well, lead well and finish well.

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“Your life is important—every part of it. When you’re doing well, every part of your life goes well, and when you’re not doing well, everything suffers. BG will equip you to excel by paying attention to what matters most—your character, your health, your goals, your priorities and the team you’re building around you. Through engaging, customized, one-on-one sessions with BG, he will help you develop a personal and professional plan to excel in all areas of your life.”

BG’s coaching approach

“A balance between Personal and Professional Development – BG equips you to excel by paying attention to what matters most: your health, your goals, your priorities, and the team you’re building around you. Our coaching approach is holistic; we believe success is found when all facets of your life are working well.

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