BG has been working with Security Alarm for several years in an advisory / coaching capacity. He been a great asset as he has helped us in the areas of organizational health, board structure, management team structure and other areas of need. We would not be where we are today without his assistance. Worth every dime! Wish we had done it sooner!

Josh Dice
General Manager
Security Alarm Corporation
Salem, IL

“BG is gifted and effective as a professional consultant. I have worked with him and seen him work with several non profit and for profit c-level leadership teams to help them with strategic planning, leadership development, strategic initiatives, and creative problem solving. I highly recommend BG’s ability to evaluate and provide the desired results for an organization. He is especially strong in board governance, leadership development, strategic planning, and operational issues.”

Randy Carman, Ed. D.
Director of Operations
Ambassador Supply
Fort Wayne, IN

I have known BG Allen since 2007 where I first met him as an Adjunct Professor of Management in my MBA program. BG consistently gave powerful instruction on leadership, management and the character of servant leaders. BG gave me the ‘want to’ for influential and impactful leadership. Moreover, BG cared about my classmates and me – our relationship built on truth and trust.

I continue to watch the positive leadership impact BG makes through his on-line presence. I track his growing list of clients served, organizations changed, and players developed into healthy and productive leadership teams. Based on my personal experience, I would heartily recommend BG to serve in training and coaching role because of his passion to teach, his ability to communicate effectively, his organizational expertise, his business knowledge, and his practical experience

Don Holland
Principal Consultant
Pathfinders Advisory Group, LLC

“B.G. Allen knows organization. But more than that he knows organization with a distinctly servant’s heart. I’ve watched him put his expertise into practice and have been personally blessed with the fruit of his ability. The really good part is that he knows how to communicate his knowledge to others in a way that will enhance them as individuals and leaders. B.G. models with his life what he teaches so well.”

Dr. Walter Price
Pastor Emeritus
Fellowship in the Pass Church
Beaumont, California

B.G. Allen imitates Christ!  B.G. practices Ephesians 5:22-33 with his wife and daughters.  Like 1 Thessalonians 1:6, he imitates and is to be imitated in leadership. He also lives by Hebrews 11:1 faith. Perhaps his greatest strength is his ability to quickly assess leadership needs with wisdom and godly discernment and offer sound encouraging direction.  Having served in several positions, B.G. understands the issues from the “leadership” and “followership” roles on church staffs  and church extension or parachurch businesses or ministries.  You will soon learn and most certainly repeat some of my favorite words in leadership, decision making, and vision casting: “Let me check with B.G.”

Dr. Scott Thomas
Brandon, Mississippi

“I know of very few men who carry the unique balance of deep spirituality, comprehensive ministry understanding, and tremendous organizational expertise. B.G. Allen has all of this—and more. His ministry experience and personal development has equipped him to help us all. If you are looking for a servant/leader who will dramatically help you with the needs in your organization or ministry, I highly recommend this competent, godly leader.”

Dr. Bill Elliff
Directional Pastor of The Summit Church, Revivalist, and Church Consultant
North Little Rock, Ark.

“I had the honor and privilege of working for BG in the early years of my professional career. Recently I took a leadership class based on John Maxwell’s principles. We were first asked for a list of people who most influenced you as a leader, BG was on my list. Through every chapter and lesson I could always point to him as a person that exhibited those special qualities Maxwell referred to. BG provided me with a solid foundation for many of the principles I live by today. From him I learned about integrity both in the workplace and at home. He shared many leadership qualities and lessons that, over the years, have helped forge my success. He is a kind and giving person who gives far more than he ever receives here.”

Shane Adams
Jackson, MS