cooperation vs. collaboration

"Collaboration: being fully assertive and fully cooperative - at the same time" - Ambassador Enterprises, LLC One thing I learned at AE was the value of collaboration and that it was often fiery and unpleasant; full of conflict with strong and intelligent people going at it over an idea. But the beautiful thing was that … Continue reading cooperation vs. collaboration

a time of transition

Good Monday morning! You can feel fall in the air here in the Midwest. Transitions - they are filled with excitement and anxiety. Looking forward to the new and sad about what you are leaving. Transitions provoke a wide range of emotions. I know - we are in the midst of one right now. This … Continue reading a time of transition

Empowering People

It is Friday! Hope you have great plans for your weekend. We are excited because it is supposed to get in the high 40's here which will be nice for us. How do you empower people? There are many ways, but one of the most effective is effective delegation. Here at Ambassador Enterprises delegation has been broken down … Continue reading Empowering People

A New Chapter

Good morning - rainy and warm here in southwest Michigan! Our lives are a great story - an epic if you will and hopefully the primary theme throughout our story is Jesus Christ. Sprinkled throughout our story are chapters containing great joy, great pain, tremendous blessing, great loss, times of walking intimately with our Creator and times … Continue reading A New Chapter