do you have the right focus?

Do you have the right focus? This is a question I struggle with, as so often, when my focus is off, it can lead me down paths that are not helpful. Basically it comes down to is our focus on what we have or what we don't have? A focus on ourselves and what we … Continue reading do you have the right focus?

which wolf do you feed?

With what lens do you look at your life? Is life an adventure or is it something to be endured? The thing is, our attitude, the way in which we view life is our choice. Granted, with some of the terribly difficult backgrounds some have or the trying conditions in which they now live, having … Continue reading which wolf do you feed?

today – you get to choose

We often think that we are powerless, that we are subject to the vagaries of our situation, that we are simply being swept along by the current of our lives like so much flotsam. That is bad thinking - that is wrong thinking. We have choices, in fact we have many, many choices. - We can … Continue reading today – you get to choose

mindsets of true leaders

Good Monday morning to you! Winter is not quite done here. The snow started melting last week, but the temps have dropped again. It's 15 with a wind chill of 0. I am about ready for spring!! Your mindsets are critical to how you live your life.They determine how effective you will be and how … Continue reading mindsets of true leaders

where is your focus?

Good morning! Angela (my wife) and I were talking this weekend about contentment and we realized that it is much about your focus. It seems you have two basic choices - to focus on what you don't have or to focus on what you do have. The problem is that it is actually hard to … Continue reading where is your focus?

4 mindsets you must choose

Good morning! Ready for another week? I hope I am. For those of us that lead, maintaining the right mindsets or attitudes is critical to our effectiveness. Yet so many of us struggle to maintain them or at times are unaware of the proper mindsets or attitudes that are necessary to lead effectively. Here are … Continue reading 4 mindsets you must choose

What Are Your Mindsets?

Good morning. Still cold here in NE Indiana - we are so ready for Spring!!! What are your mindsets? Or maybe a better question is what are the attitudes with which you approach life? I am involved in an interesting project here at Ambassador Enterprises where we are working to identify the core 20% of what makes … Continue reading What Are Your Mindsets?

It Is Your Choice

Question - what is your choice today? About your attitude and view of life? You can either approach the day with a sour face muttering "why me?" or you can choose joy. As a people who are in Christ our choice should be joy, but too often it isn't. What I have found personally is … Continue reading It Is Your Choice

Celebration Expresses a Grateful Heart

Looking forward to a treat in just a little bit - I am meeting with a good friend of mine for breakfast to celebrate his birthday.  It is a privilege and joy to celebrate with him on his birthday.  This man has impacted so many people over the years and has been instrumental in the … Continue reading Celebration Expresses a Grateful Heart