good books on leadership

If you are like me, I thoroughly enjoy learning from others about leadership and I have found one of the best ways to learn from them is to read their books. On the site, I have listed many of my favorites. Check out my Leadership Books. I would also appreciate your suggestions as to … Continue reading good books on leadership

Do You Read Good Books?

If you are a leader of people, then you must read in order to truly grow as a leader and you need to read widely. As a Christian, the Bible is of course the first book you must be intimately acquainted with, but you must also read in many other areas. Even great literature. Check out this Harvard … Continue reading Do You Read Good Books?

Work Less, Do More

Good Friday morning to you! It is simply an incredibly beautiful morning here in southwest Michigan.  It almost makes up for those days in February. I have been reading a book called The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.  Now I am not completely a fan of the book in that I am not endorsing some … Continue reading Work Less, Do More

Good article on How to Deliver Great Presentations

If you have to give presentations, this is a good article in Forbes about Nancy Duarte’s book – Resonate. Here is a summary - The conclusions are: Don’t be too cerebral. Tell stories. Figure out what the audience cares about. Create common ground with them. Move back and forth between opposing ideas to create energy. … Continue reading Good article on How to Deliver Great Presentations

How To Get More Out of Your Reading

Reading books – I am very much a bibliophile and often searching for ways to get more out of my reading.  Michael Hyatt, in his post “How To Retain more of What You Read”, shares a method by which he captures what is important to him as he reads a book. He develops a “Net … Continue reading How To Get More Out of Your Reading