do what makes sense

Good morning, we are finally thawing out a bit here in NE Indiana. Last week was a tad rough here as it was for most of the country. For most of us our vocation is important to us. For those who lead, the mission is important – especially when the mission is serving a higher… Read More

what is your style of leadership?

Good Monday morning to you! Beautiful fall weather here in northeast Indiana. What is your leadership style? The Visionary? – communicating a compelling vision of the future? The Inspirer? – helping people to see their potential? The Team Leader? – pulling people together to work for a common goal? The General? – leading from the… Read More

why do we do this to our people?

Good Monday morning to you! I hope you are looking forward to a week of making a difference in your community this week. “Our people are our greatest resource!” “We believe in our team!” “Our people make the difference!” “Teamwork is the key!” How many times have you heard these, and others of this sort,… Read More