Last Friday in May Round-Up

Here we are, at the last Friday of May. Next month Summer begins, here in MS we’ve had the longest Spring in years. Here are some links to articles and stories that I have enjoyed and have been pondering lately. All links are in the “titles.”  Just a few pictures are also below from this… Read More

want more impact? “aim small”

I hope you had a blessed Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. One of my favorite movies was “The Patriot” for multiple reasons. In one particular scene where his young boys had to fight the British, the father tells them to “aim small”. If you are familiar with shooting and marksmanship, you know what… Read More

are you satisfied with the status quo?

“Leaders don’t have to change history, but they do have to change ‘business as usual.’ To them, the status quo is unacceptable. Leaders challenge the process. They search for opportunities, and they experiment and take risks. Exemplary leaders also know that they have to be willing to make some personal sacrifices in service of a… Read More

A Different Way of Looking At Things

Good morning – looks like it is going to be a beautiful day here in northeast Indiana. Finally looking like spring. I have been enjoying a good book called Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum. One thing that has struck me so far is his discussion on framing and reframing. Essentially framing is how we look… Read More

A New Chapter

Good morning – rainy and warm here in southwest Michigan! Our lives are a great story – an epic if you will and hopefully the primary theme throughout our story is Jesus Christ. Sprinkled throughout our story are chapters containing great joy, great pain, tremendous blessing, great loss, times of walking intimately with our Creator and times… Read More

Capitalizing on Complexity

Complexity has now superseded change as the most pressing challenge according to the 2010 IBM CEO Study titled Capitalizing on Complexity. The study covered over 1500 CEO’s from around the world and is a fascinating study. While the CEO’s say that complexity is the most pressing challenge, most of them also say that their organizations… Read More