do you have the right focus?

Do you have the right focus? This is a question I struggle with, as so often, when my focus is off, it can lead me down paths that are not helpful. Basically it comes down to is our focus on what we have or what we don't have? A focus on ourselves and what we … Continue reading do you have the right focus?

“Not Taking Risks Is the Riskiest Career Move of All” – Harvard Business Review

This is an excellent article from Harvard Business Review that illustrates how important it is for you to take responsibility for your career and job security. Here are the first two paragraphs from the article: Mark was a survivor. Until he was fired in 2012, six months shy of his 50thbirthday, he’d done everything right … Continue reading “Not Taking Risks Is the Riskiest Career Move of All” – Harvard Business Review

today – you get to choose

We often think that we are powerless, that we are subject to the vagaries of our situation, that we are simply being swept along by the current of our lives like so much flotsam. That is bad thinking - that is wrong thinking. We have choices, in fact we have many, many choices. - We can … Continue reading today – you get to choose

choices to make today

Today you have some choices to make: 1. What attitude/mindset will you choose today? 2. How will you choose to view and treat others around you? 3. What will you work on today? Meaningful but difficult projects or the easier (and plentiful) tasks on your to-do-list? 4. Will you choose to focus solely on tasks … Continue reading choices to make today

It Is Your Choice

Question - what is your choice today? About your attitude and view of life? You can either approach the day with a sour face muttering "why me?" or you can choose joy. As a people who are in Christ our choice should be joy, but too often it isn't. What I have found personally is … Continue reading It Is Your Choice

Do You Have These 5 Regrets?

Good morning. Great day yesterday with the Senior Leadership Team of Life Action Ministries. A great team and a great ministry! Do you have any regrets in regards to your vocational life? Have you made decisions for the right reasons?     According to this Harvard Business Review online article, there are five main regrets that people have in regards to their careers: … Continue reading Do You Have These 5 Regrets?

No versus Yes

Do you feel harried, frustrated, scattered and wish your life was simpler and more focused? Could the problem be your choice between two very small but very powerful words? Often when we say Yes to something, we are speaking out of a desire to please others or out of fear of displeasing others.  We say … Continue reading No versus Yes