Five Levels of Communication to Improve Understanding

Communicating effectively with family and friends is incredibly difficult as we all know. When it comes to a leader trying to communicate with their team, it seems to become exponentially more difficult! At one point in my career, I was the chief of staff for a very intelligent CEO. He is one of those people … Continue reading Five Levels of Communication to Improve Understanding

clarity – a key component of organizational health

Good morning! Recently, I had the opportunity to do some teaching on Patrick Lencioni's book The Advantage (an excellent book by the way). The book is focused on organizational health and a major theme running through the book is the need for clarity. It seems obvious, but so few organizations/leaders actually achieve clarity. Leaders owe … Continue reading clarity – a key component of organizational health

How Do I Fit Here?

Good Monday morning to you! This weekend a good friend of mine posted on Facebook his opinion that naps ought to be a required part of the first week of daylight savings time. After getting up this morning with my body clock at odds with my alarm clock I think he may be on to something. How important is … Continue reading How Do I Fit Here?

Maintain Clear Expectations to Grow Trust – Randy Carman

A key part of growing trust is managing expectations. When leaders fail to do this before they have had time to establish a positive track record with their team, it is especially damaging. Conversely, setting clear expectations at the start and meeting those expectations builds trust quickly. - Randy Carman Great point! Clarity - clear … Continue reading Maintain Clear Expectations to Grow Trust – Randy Carman

Are You Being Clear?

Good morning! Another beautiful day and it has been a good week at Life Action as all of our staff from across the country, Canada and the Dominican Republic are together this week.  Are you being clear to those you lead? is there alignment in your organization? Do people really know where you are headed? Patrick Lencioni … Continue reading Are You Being Clear?

Six Questions You Should Be Able to Answer

Does your team have the clarity they need to accomplish their mission?  Does your organization have the clarity it needs to move towards mission accomplishment?  Too often the answer is no. In his book, The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni gives six critical questions that every organizations should be able to answer.  If you can answer these … Continue reading Six Questions You Should Be Able to Answer

Buzz Word Bingo

A few days ago, I posted about the "Blah Blahometer" where we were talking about speaking with clarity.  In ministry, we have our own "lingo" replete with buzz words that have little or no meaning, but still impress. Following is a video from IBM on "Buzz Word Bingo".  It is short - watch and see … Continue reading Buzz Word Bingo

What Did You Say?

Good morning!  Still no snow up here in SW Michigan and in fact we have even had a few sunny days which is a great blessing. Blah-Blah-Blah!  How many presentations have you heard, meetings you have attended, or memos (emails) you have read where at the end you go "What?".  In this highly verbal world … Continue reading What Did You Say?