“3 Timeless Traits Leaders Must Have” – from Inc.com

Great article from Inc.com – “3 Timeless Traits Leaders Must Have“. One of those is Coaching Skills. The author, Marcel Schwantes, states: You want your organization to become high-performing? I have the answer. An overlooked piece of the puzzle is coaching. The bad news, according to one study, is that less than half of organizations surveyed had… Read More

Things Leaders Do

Good morning! According to James Kouzes and Barry Posner, there are five things that leaders do: They Model the Way – they become exemplars of the behavior they expect of others. They Inspire a Shared Vision – they envision the preferred future, creating an ideal image of the organization or project. They Challenge the Process – they look for ways to improve processes and encourage… Read More

Some More Questions to Ask Your Team

The Way of the Shepherd is an excellent little book on leadership that has profoundly impacted many people including me.  I often use it as a supplemental text in the management and leadership courses I teach and it is often the most impactful part of the course.  Many businesses and schools are now using it… Read More