ACTS – an acrostic for leaders

Dave Kraft is a wise man and was my former leadership coach. In an excellent post he talks about the application of ACTS in a particular situation and this post is a worthwhile read in my opinion.

So, let’s look at ACTS in a general sense and how a leader might apply it to their life.

A – ACCOUNTABLE: Are you truly accountable to someone(s) in your life? Truly accountable? Is someone willing to ask you the hard questions and pursue you until you deal with those questions? Are they willing to challenge questionable behaviors in your life?

C – CONFESSIONAL: Do you confess and own your sin or do you try to shift the blame? Mature leaders accept rebuke, confess their sin, and own their sin.

T – TEACHABLE: Are you teachable as a leader? Are you willing to receive honest inquiries from those you lead? And others? Do you realize that there are many people smarter than you and some of them are on the team you lead?

S – SUSTAINABLE: Is the pace you are setting for your team sustainable? Are your expectations realistic? Are you providing the resources to your team that they need to meet your expectations? What about your team’s work-life balance?

Here is how Dave applies ACTS:

1. Good and genuine accountability, coupled with vulnerability and transparency.
2. A clear value in keeping short accounts, with sin being quickly confessed and owned.
3. An attitude of being teachable and open to new ideas and ways of thinking.
4. A culture of pacing that is realistic and sustainable, resulting in good morale and joy.

Now, how can you apply ACTS in your life?


trust and conflict

“When there is trust, conflict becomes nothing but the pursuit of truth; an attempt to find the best possible answer.” –Patrick Lencioni via Dave Kraft

“Eight Things That Frustrate Me As A Leader” – by Dave Kraft

Good morning – this is a great post by my friend and former leadership coach – Dave Kraft. Click here for his blog or you can follow him on Twitter @krafto.Dave Kraft

In this post Dave lists eight things about himself and others that causes him frustration as a leader. Check out the list below and then go to his post for more information. I believe that you might be feeling the same way about some of these frustrations.

1. My Lack Of Sympathetic And Interactive Listening

2. My Lack Of Patience With Perceived Slow Thinking Or Slow Moving People

3. My Lack Of Compassion For Hurting, Or Different, People

4. People Claiming They Don’t Have The Time And Letting The Urgent Trump The Important

5. People Saying We Can’t Instead Of Saying We Can

6. Leaders Who Are Dominated By Fear Of What Others May Think

7. Groups, Organizations And Churches That Are Over-Managed And Under-Led

8. People Not Responding In A Reasonable Amount Of Time To Emails Or Requests

So you share some of Dave’s frustrations? I do, especially numbers 1 and 3.

May your day today be marked by grace and peace,