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Organizational culture is currently a hot topic and it should be in my opinion. Much is being written about the challenges of developing a healthy organizational culture, but I am not sure that I am seeing much change.

Organizational culture is important, of course, because it has been shown to have a direct impact upon organizational performance. Another reason that is incredibly important to me, is the lasting effects that the organizational culture has upon the people of the organization.

Think about how the elements impact everything from the shape of the land to the health of plants. As you well know, plants growing in healthy soil and receiving the nutrients they need grow tall, lush, strong, and bear good fruit. Plants growing in poor soil, with poor nutrients, and in harsh conditions are seldom fruitful, their growth is stunted, and they are deformed to various degrees.

That is what your organizational culture is doing to people. It is either a culture that is growing people and transforming them into better versions of themselves, or it is stunting their growth and causing them to become deformed versions of themselves.

Something to consider, your organizational culture is either transforming or deforming the people of the organization. Which is your doing?

How do you develop a stronger staff?  As a leader, one of our responsibilities is to strengthen those that we lead.  When I was a young Second Lieutenant in the 9th Infantry Division, the First Sergeant of the company I was assigned to took a liking to me (or felt pity on me!).  One of the things he taught me was to be training for the next level of command.  He made the statement that when you do your job well as a leader then you can go play golf and your people would never know you were gone.  Quite a statement!

Think about what all goes into that statement.  One aspect of it is that you have strong people that think on their own and think well.  People who know how to make the right choices about their work.

In their book, A Coach’s Guide to developing Exemplary Leaders, James Kouzes and Barry Posner, suggest the following questions to start members of your team thinking about how to make right choices.

“How do you see . . .?”

“What if we . . . ?”

“What do you think about . . .?”

“How do you believe we could . . .?”

“Have you ever . . .?”

Some good questions and their book is full of more ideas.  The idea is to give your people the freedom to make choices and to think for themselves.

Have a blessed day!