a note to senior leaders – their commitment may be more important than your insights

Good blog post by Marshall Goldsmith, “Their Commitment Might Mean More Than Our Insight”. He talks about how much more powerful employee commitment to an idea is than is the “brilliant” insight of the leader. Following is a paragraph from his post: The next time you are working with a direct report or team member… Read More

a common trait of truly effective leaders

Good morning! You can see the signs of Fall approaching here in NE Indiana. I enjoy the Fall, but not what follows!! This past week, I was able to work with two excellent leadership teams. From last Sunday through last Thursday, I had the privilege of co-facilitating a leadership retreat for the AWANA Global Leadership… Read More

jealously and ambition

Good morning! Looks like it’s going to be a great week working with the AWANA leadership team at their leadership retreat! Jealousy and ambition! Ever had those two things intrude upon the workings of your leadership team? They will destroy the effectiveness of a team as quickly and more thoroughly than most anything else. “For… Read More

achieving a different result requires ___________

Good morning! It was a spectacular day here in northeastern Indiana yesterday. Beautiful weather. Angela and I had a nice walk around our neighborhood last night. One of the things I sometimes struggle with is desiring different results – I want to do some things differently, live differently, think differently and so on. So, I… Read More

4 mindsets you must choose

Good morning! Ready for another week? I hope I am. For those of us that lead, maintaining the right mindsets or attitudes is critical to our effectiveness. Yet so many of us struggle to maintain them or at times are unaware of the proper mindsets or attitudes that are necessary to lead effectively. Here are… Read More

Don’t Manage Your Time – Invest it

Good Monday morning to you! Hope you had a great weekend, we did other than learning our daughter’s car needs the timing belt changed and there might be some other problems associated with that issue. But otherwise a good weekend. Question for you – how many articles, books, and blog posts have you read about… Read More