“What Makes a Leader?” from HBR on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is critical to your effectiveness as a leader. The business where I am currently employed, Ambassador Enterprises, LLC, uses the byline “Relational Effectiveness Drives Organizational Performance” as they so believe in the importance of “EQ” and relationships. Following is a quote from a good article on EQ by Daniel Goleman on the Harvard… Read More

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Good morning. We are blessed today to have some old friends from Mississippi visiting with us last night and this morning. Friends are a blessing from the Lord! Most of us desire to improve our emotional intelligence (EQ) as we know that it is important. At my work, it is considered a critical skill. In… Read More

How You Impact the Mood and Behavior of Those You Lead

Good morning to you on this fine Friday morning. I hope you have something fun planned with you family for the weekend! As the leader of your team, most often you are the one directly responsible for the good or bad mood of your team members. Surprising? According to this Harvard Business Review article, “The… Read More