“Secret Fears of Great Leaders” by Greg Salciccioli

Fear is one of our greatest limiters in life. Greg Salciccioli has an excellent post on the Coachwell site about the fears that leaders often face. Following is an excerpt from Greg’s post:

When life brings the inevitable challenges that every leader will face, we should remember this quote. Roosevelt says: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” Even a good leader gets scared, doubts his own capability, or wonders whether she has what it takes to lead others.

Click here to read the entire post – it will be worth your time.

What are the fears holding you back and how are you dealing with those fears?



are you afraid of giants?

The Top 3 “Excuses for Not Chasing Your Dream (and Why It All Comes Down to Fear)” – Jeff Goins


which wolf do you feed?

blue sky Lauren AUG 2013With what lens do you look at your life? Is life an adventure or is it something to be endured? The thing is, our attitude, the way in which we view life is our choice. Granted, with some of the terribly difficult backgrounds some have or the trying conditions in which they now live, having a spirit of adventure in life may be incredibly difficult, but it still is a choice that can be made.

I mentioned that I am going back through Gary Keller’s The One Thing Book. in the book he tells the following story:

“One evening an elder Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside all people. He said, ‘My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us. One is Fear. It carries anxiety, concern, uncertainty, hesitancy, indecision and inaction. The other is Faith. It brings calm, conviction, confidence, enthusiasm, decisiveness, excitement and action.’ The grandson thought about it for a moment and then meekly asked his grandfather: ‘Which wolf wins?’ The old Cherokee replied, ‘The one you feed.'”

Which wolf are you “feeding” each day? Do you dwell on your fears and feed them? Or do you live life with a mindset of gratitude and faith? Do you feed your faith each day?

Stop and listen to your self-talk; that tape that is continually playing in your head. Is it a tape of faith or one of fear?

Have faith and live as God intended you to.


Are You Afraid Yet?

Good morning!  Hope your week is getting off to a great start.  My two daughters treated me royally yesterday, so it was a great Fathers’ Day for me.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Sex sells!”? Apparently it does as evidenced by our sex saturated society.

There is something else that sells almost as well if not better – fear.  Not only are we a sex saturated society, we are a fear saturated society.  News organizations are not really news organizations (both conservative and liberal).  For the most part, they are entertainment, for-profit businesses.  They exist to make a profit and if they don’t, they eventually go out of business.  They also exist in a hyper-competitive environment.  They need you to tune to their station, go to their channel or click on their website.  So how are they going to do that?  How are they going to attract your attention?  By the use of outrageous, fear generating headlines. They want to generate in you a “need” to keep coming back to them, so they generate fear and anxiety in you and let you know that if you just tune back in to them they will keep you up to date with the information you need to know to deal with this new fear they have introduced into your life.

Fear is used in so many other contexts as well – it is especially prevalent in politics.  How many times have you heard if you don’t elect a certain politician or pass a certain piece of legislation, that our American society as you know it will come to an end?  How often have you heard that if you don’t use product X, something bad will happen or that you will miss out on something important in life? How often is fear used in the workplace? If you don’t produce you will lose your job, the boss uses intimidation to “motivate” workers, and so on. I have even heard a leader say a little fear is good in that it keeps people sharp! Sadly, fear is too often used in our Christian community to move people to action. Too often as Christians we hunker down in fear instead of striding out boldly to confront the issues of the world in the love and name of Christ.

As leaders, we are to drive out fear and to give people hope. Now I am not talking about some Pollyanna type approach that sugarcoats issues and challenges, but a straight forward approach that directly and candidly confronts a challenge, but does so with vigor, creativity and ultimately hope that we will prevail in the end. As a leader, you do not deny the difficulties of the issues, but you don’t shrink from them in fear either.  Instead, you lead with hope to directly confront and to overcome the challenges.

As Christians, we realize the seriousness of the times, but God is still sovereign and is doing great and wonderful things through His people to set His creation right. Be bold and join in His work, encouraged by the hope we have in Jesus Christ and share that hope with others. Do not shrink back in fear or be a carrier of fear.

We of all people should be full of hope and sharing that hope! Your job as a leader is to give hope to those you lead and that hope should be based upon Jesus. So be a carrier of hope, not fear.

Have a hope filled week!

Hope or Fear – Which One Do You Share?

Do you give hope to those you lead?  When one of your staff members leaves a meeting with you are they encouraged?  Are they more hope filled?  Do they have more clarity about the mission?  Do they see you as a positive person that is eagerly looking to the future with great anticipation?  Are you joy filled?

Or do they leave a meeting with you filled with a sense of doom and gloom?  Do they leave thinking what’s the use?  Do they leave worried?

As leaders in God’s kingdom, we should be the most hope filled and positive people walking on this planet, filled with joy and sharing that joy that is found in Jesus!

I am not talking about a Pollyanna type attitude where you deny the “brutal facts”, but an attitude that clearly faces the situation and appreciates the possible gravity of the situation. Knowing Who sits on the throne and Who is  Lord of all should be a great comfort to us, fill us with joy and cause us to relish challenges and cause us to engage in being a part of the process of redemption with great energy and hope.

So, be a dealer in hope, give your people a vision of what things can be like – spread joy.  Not doom and gloom.  For we of all people should have hope.