what is the one thing?

Well - it's a new year. What are you going to do with this precious gift? One of my favorite books seems to intersect with a tradition we began in our family about five years ago. The book is The One Thing by Gary Keller. Gary asks what is called the focusing question - "What's the ONE … Continue reading what is the one thing?

why do we often lack a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and contentment?

Good morning! Enjoying watching two rabbits under our bird feeders right now enjoying themselves! Let me ask you something this fine Monday morning. Do you feel a sense of fulfillment and contentment right now? Are you excited that it's Monday and you get to dive into your work? Or, do you feel a bit overwhelmed, … Continue reading why do we often lack a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and contentment?

mission/priorities vs. busyness

Good morning! Last week we talked about how busyness is often a form of laziness. What I didn't mention is that as leaders we are often subtly (sometimes not so subtly) encouraging busyness at the expense of mission accomplishment or allowing people to work on projects that are longer term and actually have greater mission … Continue reading mission/priorities vs. busyness

“3 Beliefs of Highly Successful People” – Inc.com

"3 Beliefs of Highly Successful People" - Inc.comThink about things in an unproductive way and it’s highly unlikely that your actions are going to end up driving you toward success, so if you want to accomplish your goals, it makes sense to start not with tweaking your daily habits (though certainly that's a good idea down the … Continue reading “3 Beliefs of Highly Successful People” – Inc.com

want more impact? “aim small”

I hope you had a blessed Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. One of my favorite movies was "The Patriot" for multiple reasons. In one particular scene where his young boys had to fight the British, the father tells them to "aim small". If you are familiar with shooting and marksmanship, you know what … Continue reading want more impact? “aim small”

think small and make a huge difference

One thing that I have noticed about leaders in my journey through life is that so many of them (and me) want to impact things in a large way. They want to grow their organizations larger and have greater numbers of staff, revenue growth, number of people they impact, and so on. Many of these leaders … Continue reading think small and make a huge difference

mission true or mission drift?

Good morning! Still hoping it will one day actually be Spring here in the Midwest, but we have snow in the forecast for Tuesday!! Last week, I did a brief post on the book Mission Drift and was asked by a friend of mine if there is mission drift, how do you get back on track? … Continue reading mission true or mission drift?

In Praise of Depth – Tony Schwartz

In Praise of Depth - Tony SchwartzI’m craving more depth in my life, and so are they. My strong suspicion is that it’s because we’re drowning in so much trivia — a tsunami of texts and tweets, instant messages and Gchat; Facebook posts and bookmarked websites we mindlessly cruise; and multiple Google searches to get … Continue reading In Praise of Depth – Tony Schwartz