Friday Photos [4th Edition]

Good Friday morning to you all. I hope that you are continuing to adjust to the changes well and that wherever you may be, you’re enjoying Springtime. I am including some pictures from this past week as well as a few from March/April of 2019. I decided to plant some strawberries last week and what… Read More

why do we often lack a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and contentment?

Good morning! Enjoying watching two rabbits under our bird feeders right now enjoying themselves! Let me ask you something this fine Monday morning. Do you feel a sense of fulfillment and contentment right now? Are you excited that it’s Monday and you get to dive into your work? Or, do you feel a bit overwhelmed,… Read More

want more impact? “aim small”

I hope you had a blessed Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. One of my favorite movies was “The Patriot” for multiple reasons. In one particular scene where his young boys had to fight the British, the father tells them to “aim small”. If you are familiar with shooting and marksmanship, you know what… Read More