Independence Day – remember

Tomorrow, July 4th, we have the privilege of celebrating Independence Day. Tomorrow, we are to celebrate and we are to remember that what we celebrate was purchased with great sacrifice. Our freedom is something we should never take for granted and we must be ever vigilant or it will gradually slip away. Our family has … Continue reading Independence Day – remember

Happy Independence Day!

We are truly blessed to have the privilege to be citizens of a great nation.  "Blessed is the nation whose god is the LORD, . . ." - Psalm 33:12 Following is a great video on the signing of the Declaration: Take time to pause and thank the Lord for this country and then to … Continue reading Happy Independence Day!

American Exceptionalism and Christian Responsibilities as Citizens

Good morning, As you have heard ad nauseam, tomorrow is Election Day.  Depending on people’s particular political views it could possibly be “historic” or “disastrous”.   I am not sure of either, however, I am sure of this fact – as citizens of this country we have a duty to participate in the electoral process. More … Continue reading American Exceptionalism and Christian Responsibilities as Citizens