choose wisely

"Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm." - Proverbs 13:20 (ESV) Choose wisely the people you spend time with as they shape you whether you are aware of that happening or not. If you choose well, these people will help you become a better person. If you … Continue reading choose wisely

a life well lived

Last week was quite a week. My last day in the office for Ambassador Enterprises (a great company filled with exceptional people!) to working with some good friends whose company is growing, to packing up my truck for me to drive South. So, not too many posts this past week. Today (Monday, September 15, 2014) … Continue reading a life well lived

Stop and Look Back

It's Friday! This may seem funny to you, but I get excited about Friday because that means that tomorrow morning Angela and I will go on our Saturday breakfast date. We have been doing this for almost ten years now and it my favorite time of the week. Recently I was talking to a leader that is … Continue reading Stop and Look Back

An Important Relationship

I am sitting here in one of my favorite small town cafes.  It is one of those places where the staff knows your name, they give you too much food and your coffe cup is never empty.  I come here often for planning and meeting with people.  Right now I am waiting on a good … Continue reading An Important Relationship

A Key Ingredient to A Fulfilling Life

One of the most important keys to a successful and fulfilling life is friends.  We are not made to walk this journey alone - we are made for and need others.  True friends are priceless. Gordon MacDonald covers this beautifully in his book - A Resilient Life. Today it is hard to focus on writing.  Two dear … Continue reading A Key Ingredient to A Fulfilling Life