are your habits causing you to waste time?

I came across this article on and realized how accurate it was for me. The title of the article is, “7 Time-Wasting Habits You Need to Cut Out of Your Life for Good”.

The seven bad habits are:

  1. Checking email constantly.
  2. Waiting for things to be perfect.
  3. Multitasking.
  4. Inviting interruptions.
  5. Being disorganized.
  6. Failing to delegate.
  7. Never saying no.

Read the entire article as it is very worthwhile if you are interested in wasting less time as you pursue your calling in life.


some steps to improve stewardship of your time

sunshine Lauren Niles FEB 2014Good morning! The snow is melting! After record snow falls here, the snow if finally melting. What a blessing!

Most of us take stewardship seriously and time is one of our most precious resources. So, I always enjoy reading about ways I can be more effective in the use of my time. I don’t always take all of the suggestions, but occasionally I come across a gem that is a real help. So here is a list from an article entitled 10 Simple Steps to Exceptional Daily Productivity by Jeff Haden.

1. Every Sunday night, map out your week

2. Actively block out task time.

3. Follow a realistic to-do list.

4. Default to 30-minute meetings.

5. Stop multitasking. 

6. Obsess over leveraging edge time.

7. Track your time.

8. Be thoughtful about lunch. 

9. Protect your family time.

10. Start every day right.

Some good ideas here. Click here to read the entire article where he goes into more depth on each of his suggestions.

What are some of the things you do each day to be more productive?

Be a good steward of your time – it is an expendable resource!


doers, leaders, lovers, and learners

Good morning! has another good article today about the four unique working styles. Which one are you?

Doers: “Doers execute. They come alive when tasks are complete, lists are checked, or projects are tackled. They typically have intense focus and are detailed in their efforts.”

Leaders: “Leaders create the vision and inspire others to believe in it.”

Lovers: “Lovers are relationship-builders. Believing that we’re stronger together, they thrive in harmony and work hard to manage relationships and build consensus.”

Learners: “Learners are the researchers. These engineer types love learning and meticulously understanding the nuances of a problem.”

So, what do you think? Are these good categories? Do they help you? How can you use this information to better shepherd those you lead? And finally, where do you fit in these four type?

Personally, I am a mix between Leader and Learner.

Have a great Thursday!

“Closing the Chasm Between Strategy and Execution”

“Closing the Chasm Between Strategy and Execution”

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Are You a Workaholic or an Outlier?

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