changing the culture – what’s first?

Good morning, Last week I wrote a post about the book Mission Drift and shortly afterwards received an email from a friend thanking me for the post, but then asking what do you do if you sense that is happening in your organization. My first thought was about how to start changing others then realized that … Continue reading changing the culture – what’s first?

Great Leaders – A Common Thread

Good morning! It's an unusually warm foggy morning here in northeast Indiana. Being a Southern boy that's ok with me as I am not quite ready for snow just yet. Last week, I was part of a team conducting leadership training for an Ambassador company in Tennessee. As we were going through the training I kept noticing … Continue reading Great Leaders – A Common Thread

What TV Do You Need To Unplug?

In an article, Jim Collins the author of Good to Great and other books, relates how he had to unplug his TV in order to meet his reading goal.  As long as he had availability to his TV, it kept him from his more important goal of reading.  So he unplugged his TV and his … Continue reading What TV Do You Need To Unplug?