Stop and Look Back

It’s Friday! This may seem funny to you, but I get excited about Friday because that means that tomorrow morning Angela and I will go on our Saturday breakfast date. We have been doing this for almost ten years now and it my favorite time of the week.Keely - Sky and clouds

Recently I was talking to a leader that is a friend of mine and he was dealing with some challenges and discouragement. He’s a hard charging guy who is trying to make a dent in this world for Christ. He has high standards and is always leading his people to grow and to make an impact in their community. As we were talking it occurred to me that his eyes were fixed on the top of the mountain that he was climbing. Like all good leaders, the gap between where he (and his people) were and where they could be was frustrating. He sees the potential and strives to lead himself and others to reach that potential.

However, a steady diet of “mountain climbing” will take its toll, so we all need to learn to stop on occasion,  turn around and see just how far the Lord has brought us on the journey. We need to stop and pause and give Him thanks for what He has accomplished in our lives. Then, we need to take some time to celebrate with those who are on the journey with us. That simple act of turning around and acknowledging how far the Lord has brought you will give you perspective, cause you to develop a more grateful heart and allow you to reconnect in a more meaningful way with your fellow sojourners.

So stop for a bit, turn around and enjoy the scenery, give thanks to the Lord and your traveling companions, and then gather some strength before you tackle that next ridge on the mountain.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Thriving – An Attitude

Good morning this Thanksgiving Week!

How to actually thrive and flourish in our lives is important.  So many times we are just making it through the day.  There are things we can do to begin to flourish in our lives as we have discussed in earlier blog posts.  One key thing is our attitude.

Most people I have encountered that are doing well in regards to thriving in their lives all seem to have a deep sense of gratitude about them.  They lead a life of gratefulness.  They just look at things a little differently.  While I may grumble about having to have my car fixed, they are profoundly grateful they have a car and realize that things break!  While I may complain about my utility bills they are grateful for a warm home while so many are so cold. While I may complain about the challenges in my life, they greet them with anticipation as they see in the challenges an invitation from God to draw near to Him.

How we approach life is a choice.  In order to thrive that choice needs to be a spirit of gratefulness – a spirit of thanksgiving in all things.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18

Blessings on you during this special week.