“Not Taking Risks Is the Riskiest Career Move of All” – Harvard Business Review

This is an excellent article from Harvard Business Review that illustrates how important it is for you to take responsibility for your career and job security. Here are the first two paragraphs from the article: Mark was a survivor. Until he was fired in 2012, six months shy of his 50thbirthday, he’d done everything right… Read More

“What Makes a Leader?” from HBR on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is critical to your effectiveness as a leader. The business where I am currently employed, Ambassador Enterprises, LLC, uses the byline “Relational Effectiveness Drives Organizational Performance” as they so believe in the importance of “EQ” and relationships. Following is a quote from a good article on EQ by Daniel Goleman on the Harvard… Read More

do what makes sense

Good morning, we are finally thawing out a bit here in NE Indiana. Last week was a tad rough here as it was for most of the country. For most of us our vocation is important to us. For those who lead, the mission is important – especially when the mission is serving a higher… Read More

“Don’t Make Decisions, Orchestrate Them”

“Don’t Make Decisions, Orchestrate Them” “Is the role of the manager to make decisions, or to make sure that decisions get made? The answer, of course, is both — but many managers focus so much on the first role that they neglect the second. The reality, however, is that decision-making often is not a solo… Read More

“Six Principles for Developing Humility as a Leader” – Harvard Business Review

Good Friday morning to you! I saw this article,“Six Principles for Developing Humility as a Leader”,  and thought it interesting that a premier business publication would be talking about humility. It’s actually a pretty good article. “Whether we’re looking at business or politics, sports or entertainment, it’s clear we live in an era of self-celebration.… Read More

Success by Failure

“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill Succeed by failing?  Does that sound a little odd to you?  It did to me, even though I have even taught the concept – just not in those words. Jeffrey Stibel who is Chairman and CEO of Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. and… Read More