3 Priorities for Hiring Good Team Members

When adding people to your organization. Look for these three things (in the order listed!): Character Chemistry (organizational fit) Competency Talent doesn't matter if there is a deficiency of character or the person does not fit your culture.  

3 C’s of hiring

"We hire people for what they know and then fire them for who they are." * Peter Drucker said in one of his many books that of ALL the decisions that an executive makes, the people decisions are the most important. Jim Collins in his book Good to Great emphasizes the importance of exercising discipline in … Continue reading 3 C’s of hiring

Don’t Hire For Talent

Good Monday morning to you!  It has been an absolutely beautiful weekend here in southwest Michigan!  We had fun watching a baby robin learn to fly.  He must not be in the advanced class as he flew right into the side of the garage - he was a little stunned but soon recovered. Hiring the right people is … Continue reading Don’t Hire For Talent

3 Things to Look For – Plus 1

Hope your weekend is getting off to a great start.  Today is the day we put up our Christmas tree - a big day in the Allen household!! What do you look for in a new member of your team?  In an earlier post, I discussed the three basic things you need to look for: … Continue reading 3 Things to Look For – Plus 1

3 C’s of Hiring

"We hire people for what they know and then fire them for who they are." Have you found this statement to be true?  You have hired someone who is highly talented, but they don't work out because of character issues? Or maybe they just don't fit your culture? The three C's are fairly well known, … Continue reading 3 C’s of Hiring