who benefits from your leadership?

Crawford Loritts says in his book Leadership as an Identity that someone pays for your leadership - either you or those you lead. Let's look at it a bit differently - for whose benefit are you leading? Are you leading for your personal benefit? Are you leading to advance your career, impress your bosses, or … Continue reading who benefits from your leadership?

are you a bearer of hope?

Good Monday morning to you! One of the most important things that a leader does for his people is to give them hope. Not false hope, but true hope. We have to be honest with our team about the obstacles and difficulties ahead of us, but at the same time it is our job to … Continue reading are you a bearer of hope?

hope, attitude, and obedient action

Do you lead with hope and a positive attitude? An authentic positive attitude? Read what Crawford Loritts has to say about this: "As a leader God calls you to model obedient action instead of reflecting the unbelief and negative attitudes and behaviors of the people whom you lead. Apart from the power of the Holy … Continue reading hope, attitude, and obedient action

Are You Afraid Yet?

Good morning!  Hope your week is getting off to a great start.  My two daughters treated me royally yesterday, so it was a great Fathers' Day for me. Have you ever heard the phrase "Sex sells!"? Apparently it does as evidenced by our sex saturated society. There is something else that sells almost as well … Continue reading Are You Afraid Yet?

Hope or Fear – Which One Do You Share?

Do you give hope to those you lead?  When one of your staff members leaves a meeting with you are they encouraged?  Are they more hope filled?  Do they have more clarity about the mission?  Do they see you as a positive person that is eagerly looking to the future with great anticipation?  Are you … Continue reading Hope or Fear – Which One Do You Share?

Hope or Despair – It’s Your Choice

Things are really bad aren't they?  Have you heard lately just how bad things are from the media?  Are you stocking up for the great financial crash when anarchy sets in and it will be every man for himself?  Are you hearing a steady stream of just how bad our world is? Are you pessimistic … Continue reading Hope or Despair – It’s Your Choice

Encourage the Heart and Keep Hope Alive

Good morning to you this Friday morning.  I hope you have a great weekend planned of spending time with people you love and setting aside time to quietly meet with the Lord. As a leader you are, or should be, a dealer in hope.  Actually that should be fairly easy as we serve the One … Continue reading Encourage the Heart and Keep Hope Alive