Friday photo therapy

There is so much noise and so much information swirling about right now. And I don’t have any hard and fast answers. And I don’t have any suggestions any different than what a “million” other people are saying. So, in order to not add needlessly to the noise, I would like to offer another few… Read More


Spring has come

What I have found to be a cure-all for myself, is being outside. One of my favorite pastimes is driving out in the country with my mother, finding new places to explore and new ways to get there. And during this time of “physical distancing” we have more time to explore at will. I thought… Read More

hope, attitude, and obedient action

Do you lead with hope and a positive attitude? An authentic positive attitude? Read what Crawford Loritts has to say about this: “As a leader God calls you to model obedient action instead of reflecting the unbelief and negative attitudes and behaviors of the people whom you lead. Apart from the power of the Holy… Read More